Rotary Club de Salto
District 4310
Founded on 06/16/1964

Goalkeeper of the century visits Rotary Club de Salto

Oberdan Cattani, considered the best goalkeeper of the 20th century, having played in Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras (the old Palestra Itália) in the 40's and 50's. He and two other players (Turcão and Fábio) who were part of the "Green Wall", as the team was known by the time they played received tributes and gifts from the Club, for their importance to soccer in Brazil. See pictures below:

Our place of meeting with special decoration

Oberdan Cattani receives a gift from two members of the club, Rigolin and "Dinho"

Turcão speaks on the tribune

Fábio speaks on the tribune


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