Rotary Club de Salto
District 4310
Founded on 06/16/1964

Wow... Wow...We won over the Rotary Foundation!

Paul Percy Harris, founder of Rotary International, used to say back in 1905: “the story of Rotary has to be written every day”... And so has the story of Rotary Club de Salto! In 43 "well-lived" years, our club has a rich life history and community services, not only in our community, but also for our district and our country, and that puts us at the top of the Rotary pyramid. Remembering our initial achievements, it's always good to share our important achievements, so many times "put aside" by us: the alphabetization program; our Interact Club (active now, after many years without activities); our recent RCC (Rotary Community Corps); the 4 Public Health campaigns that are expected by the town inhabitants and every year, and is getting bigger and better since its creation; the 4 fishing contests we organized (a very good way of getting Rotarians and other community members along). We also must thank the Rotarians' wives, for their great help.

But, with the value given to the Rotary Foundation, the Rotary Club de Salto achieved its best victories with the social programs, obtained with the annual funds, and the leadership of the club's presidents has given to our community almost U$80,000 through the Matching Grants project. Some of the Projects were: a complete laundry and some other equipments for the elderly home, 10 computers for a school in our town, a VW Van given to a charity home to transport kids, and many others yet to come.

And we now the greatest achievement in Rotary Foundation: our club has become the second in our district to have 100% Paul Harris Fellows. Our club is now in the small list of Brazilian Rotary Clubs that have its members as Paul Harris Fellows. This, we hope, will make our club a better service club, since the contributions to the Rotary Foundation is one of the healthiest causes promoted for Rotary's biggest cause: PEACE. Congratulations to all members of our club, for achieving this mark! This shows the spirit of helping, for always in the history of Rotary...

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